Summary of Deliverable 2.4: Business Model and Business Plan

01 September 2022 Publications

In this document, a global scenario on the TECSAS technology is presented. By summarizing:
- we analysed the basic need, the problem that TECSAS aims to solve and how, both from a purely technical point of view and from the patent point of view of current intellectual property;
- we described the whole market scenario into which the TECSAS product is going to introduce itself, highlighting the limitations of state-of-the-art technologies and pointing out how the TECSAS product is going to make up for these shortcomings, both from an economic and technological point of view;
- we described the involved team, presenting both those who deal with the project from a technical point of view and those who deal with it from a business point of view, finally giving an overview of the figures to be hired for the foundation of the start-up and a preliminary organizational chart of it;
- we highlighted how the TECSAS product will meet the market, with which business model and through which network, thus emphasizing all suppliers, end users and stakeholders already in contact and supporters of this technology;
- we outlined the development roadmap, describing the next steps to be taken on one hand from the technology perspective, on the other hand from the business and future company's building point of view;
- we illustrated the risks that could be incurred, and presents a potential solution for each of them;
- we presented the economic and financial forecasts for the next 5 years, considering and estimating possible revenues, costs and need of financing.

Finally, according to the Eco-Fin projections, we concluded that, after the end of the project and the foundation of a new-co, the sales of TECSAS technology could start in 2025, after the achievement of the CE-mark. Initial customers are expected to be the families interested in reducing the cost of energy. However, in the first two years, not having started sales yet but already incurring expenses, external funds are needed (estimated about 500.000 €). These will mainly be used to finish R&D activities so that we can go to market and start sales.

For more information, please contact the project coordinator: or contact us by social media.

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